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XXIV International Symposium on Nuclear Electronics & Computing

NEC'2013 Program

Monday, September 9, 15:30 – OPENING

Welcome of Bulgarian Nuclear Regulation Agency and INRNE-BAS - Luchezar Kostov
Welcome of JINR - Nicolai Rusakovich
Welcome of CERN - Ian Bird
Welcome of CNIR MSU - Mikhail Korotkov
Welcome of Quantum - Alexander Shmakov

1. Kurtyka Tadeusz. Collaboration of CERN with CIS and South-East-European countries. CERN, Switzerland – 15 min.
2. Mapelli Livio. The CERN Scientific Program: today and tomorrow. CERN, Switzerland – 30 min.
3. Nikolai Rusakovich. The JINR Scientific Program. JINR, Dubna – 30 min.

New Experimental Facilities
Chairman – Nikolai Rusakovich

1. Balabanski Dimiter. Towards experiments at the new ELI-NP facility. INRNE and IFIN HH/ELI-NP Bulgaria – 30 min.
2. Potrebenikov Yury. The NICA project at JINR. JINR. Dubna – 15 min.
3. Sidorchuk Sergey. Status and prospects of the DRIBs-III project in Dubna. FLNR, JINR, Dubna – 15 min.


Tuesday, September 10, 9:00 - 12:15

Detector & Nuclear Electronics

Chairman – Dimiter Balabanski

1.Lustermann Werner. FACT – The First GAPD imaging air shower Cherenkov Telescope, electronics systems. ETH Zurich, Institute for particle physics, Switzerland – 30 min.
2. Dimitrov L.P., Iaydjiev P.S., Mitev G.M., Vankov I.V. Radiation monitoring at the new GIF++ irradiation facility at CERN. INRNE BAS, Sofia – 15 min.
3. Tsyganov Yu., Polyakov A., Voinov A. New detection system for heavy element research: sum of technologies. FLNP, JINR, Dubna – 15 min.
4. Voinov Alexey. New multichannel charge-sensitive preamlifier with the autocalibration mode. JINR, Dubna – 15 min.
5. Novikov Alexander. Xenon gamma-ray detector’s electrical signals digital processing technique. NRNU “MEPhI” – 15 min.
6. Atkin E., Malankin E., Shumikhin V. Analog front-end chip for GEM detectors. NRNU “MEPhI” – 15 min.

Coffee break – 15 min.

Chairman – Werner Lustermann

7. Strekalovsky Alexander et al. Setup “LIS” for Studying Rare Ternary Cluster Decay Modes. JINR, NRNU “MEPhI”, Military Academy, Saldanha, South Africa – 15 min.
8. Dementyev Dmitry. Fast Self-Triggered Readout Electronics for Wide Aperture Silicon Tracking Systems at JINR. JINR, Dubna – 15 min.
9. Vereschagin Stepan. Readout electronic TPC MPD/NICA. JINR, Dubna – 15 min.
10. Levchenko Petr. Status of CMS CSC upgrade in LS1. FNAL/CERN/ PNPI – 15 min.
11. Antchev Gueorgui. The TOTEM experiment - consolidation and upgrade. INRNE BAS/CERN – 15 min.


1. Strekalovsky Oleg et al. Actual experience with digitizer DT5742 in the double arm time-of-flight energy spectrometer “LIS”. JINR, Dubna, NRNU “MEPhI”, Moscow, Military Academy, Saldanha, South Africa.
2. Shchipunov A.V., Baskakov A.E. Readout system of MWPC for MPD Test beam setup. JINR, Dubna.
3. Terletskiy Andrey. 64-channel electronic module ADC64s2. JINR, Dubna.
4. Bogomilov Mariyan et al. Registration of Extended Air Showers Using the Time Delay of the signals in a non-planar detector system. BAS, Phys. Fac. SU, TU – Sofia.
5. Bogomilov Mariyan et al. Position sensitivity of large area detectors for registration of cosmic rays. BAS, Phys. Fac. SU, TU – Sofia.
6. Bogomilov Mariyan et al. Equalization of the energy response of a system of scintillation detectors. BAS, Phys. Fac. SU, TU – Sofia.
7. Tsyganov Yu.S. Red STORM – Builder C++ code for a new DGFRS detection system. FLNR, JINR, Dubna.
8. Lebedev Nikolay. Linear buncher power supply system for DC-110 accelerator.JINR, Dubna.
9. Gorbunov N., Sadovsky A., Grebenyuk V. On the possibility of the delayed radiation registration by the counting method. JINR, Dubna.
10. Onishchenko Evgeny. Microwave radiation dosimeter. NRNU “MEPhI”, Moscow.
11. Simakov Andrey. The low power IP-blocks of ASIC for Silicon Photomultiplier Matrix (SPM). NRNU “MEPhI”, Moscow.
12. Normanov Dmitri et al. An Low-Power 8-Bit 20-MS/s Successive-Approximation ADC. NRNU “MEPhI”, Moscow.
13. Sugrobova Tatiyana. The Portable Remote Detector of Alpha-Radioactivity. NRNU “MEPhI”, Moscow.
14. Nguyen Manh Shat ¹, Nguyen Minh Son ². The System for Measurement of Ash Content in Coals JINR, Dubna, Russia (1), VAEC, Vietnam (2).
15. Zhuchko Vladimir et al. Time-of-Flight Spectrometry of Heavy Ions in the Wide Range of Energies and Masses. Data Processing. JINR, Dubna, NRNU “MEPhI”, Moscow.
16. Slepnev Roman et al. Neutron detectors array for the ACCULINNA and ACCULINNA-2 fragment separators based on stilbene crystals. JINR, Dubna, etc.
17. Shustov Aleksander. Xenon gamma rays detector`s matrix of response functions for deconvolution of original spectrum. NRNU “MEPhI”, Moscow.
18. Avdeichikov V., Dunin V., Kokoulina E., NikitinV., Roufanov I., on behalf of SVD collaboration. Photon calorimeter with low energy threshold. JINR, Dubna.
19. N.V. Gorbunov, A.S. Kamenev. Data transmission using correcting properties of RNS-code. Hardware specific decoding algorithms optimization.
21. N.V. Gorbunov, A.V. Bychkov. Improved reliability of multithreaded information processing systems.
22. N.V. Gorbunov, D.E. Donets, D.O. Ponkin. Cryogenic thermometry system for ESIS "KRION-6T"
23. D.N. Bogoslovski, N.V. Gorbunov, V.Y. Rogov. TDC module prototyping for fast forward detector of MPD/NICA setup

Accelerator and Experiment Automation Control Systems. Triggering and Data Acquisition, 14:00 - 16:15

Chairman – Ivan Vankov

1. Semenov Igor, Mironova Ekaterina. Diagnostic Systems and Plasma Control in ITER. Project Center ITER, Moscow – 30 min.
2. Ivanisov Artem et al. COTSTechnologies for Control, Diagnostics and Measurements in Big Physics Applications. National Instruments, Russia – 30 min.
3. Kulikov Anatoly. Computer-controlled trigger system of the DIRAC experiment. JINR, Dubna – 15 min.
4. Morkovnikov Ivan. Upgrading Websonix — remote instrument control system experiment on the IBR-2 reactor. JINR, Dubna – 15 min.
5. Altynov Alexey et al. A control system of cold neutron moderators at the IBR-2M reactor. JINR, Dubna – 15 min.
6. Filippov Ivan. ORBITA – beam position monitor. JINR, Dubna – 15 min.
7. Zlokazov V.B., Tsyganov Yu.S. Automatic Calibration of the DSSSD at the Dubna Gas-Filled Recoil Separator. JINR, Dubna – 15 min.


1. Kolesnikov Alexandr. Automation of measurement systems and quality control of modules for the CERN experiment NA62 manufactured by JINR. JINR, Dubna.
2. Murashkevich Svetlana, Levchanovskiy F.V. A data acquisition system for neutron spectrometry - the new approach and the implementation.
3. Kirilov A.S., Veleshki S., Murashkevich S.M., Petukhova T.B. The unified GUI for neutron instrument control based on PyQt. JINR, Dubna.
4. Zamriy Victor. Advanced System of Thermostatic Control for LUE-200 Accelerator. JINR, Dubna.
5. Tarasov Vladimir. Upgrade of the Nuclotron Injection System. JINR, Dubna.
6. Zager Valery. Visualization of monitoring and processing of large data sets from accelerators control systems. JINR, Dubna.

Coffee break –15 min.

Methods of Experimental Data Analysis, 16:30 – 17:30

Chairman – Gennady Ososkov

1. Palichik Vladimir. CMS Cathode Strip Chambers Performance with LHC Data. JINR, Dubna – 15 min.
2. Sharov Pavel, Slepnev Roman. Tools for data analysis and MC simulations in exotic nuclear experiments. SIMONE project. JINR, Dubna – 15 min.
3. Stepanenko Yuri. Methods for increasing the efficiency of registration K0L→π0νν decay in the E391 experiment. JINR, Dubna – 15 min.


1. Khalilova Shahla. Search for mixed phases in the relativistic nucleus-nucleus collisions. Institute of Physics of ANAS, Azerbaijan.
2. Adilova Fatima. Comparative analysis of methods for gene expression patterns retrieval. Institute of mathematics, National University of Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan.
3. Orujova Nargiz. Out of innovative oil extraction. Institute of Physics of ANAS, Azerbaijan.

Wednesday, September, 11

Excursion day

19-00: Symposium Dinner

Thursday, September 12, 9:00 - 12:20

Data & Storage Management. Information & Data Base Systems. Big Data

Chairman – Alexandre Vaniachine

1. Fuhrmann Patrick. dCache, the agile storage technology. DESY, Germany – 30 min.
2. Heiss Andreas. The Large Scale Data Management and Analysis Project (LSDMA). Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany – 30 min.
3. Klimentov Alexei. Extending the ATLAS PanDA Workload Management System for New Big Data Applications. Brookhaven National Lab, United States – 30 min.

Coffee break – 15 min.

Chairman – Julia Andreeva

4. Peters Andreas. EOS - the CERN disk storage system. CERN, Switzerland – 30 min.
5. Vaniachine Alexandre. Big Data Processing on the GRID: Future Research Directions. Argonne National Laboratory, United States – 30 min.
6. Vukotic Ilija. Federating storage using xRooTD - ATLAS experience. University of Chicago, United States – 15 min.
7. Borschev Dmitry. Big Data and Data Protection with Quantum. Quantum – 30 min.


1.Kotlyar Victor et al. IHEP Data Storage Systems for Experiments. Institute for High Energy Physics, Protvino, Russian Federation.
2. Filozova Irina. JINR Document Server: Digital Library of JINR Information Resources, JINR, Dubna.

GRID & Cloud computing. HPC Computing. Computer Networks for Scientific Research, 14:00 - 15:55

Chairman – Ian Bird

1. Jones Ben. Using OpenStack and Puppet to deliver IaaS at CERN. CERN, Switzerland – 30 min.
2. Tsaregorodtsev Andrei. DIRAC Distributed Computing Services. CPPM-IN2P3-CNRS, France – 30 min.
3. Magradze Erekle. The Smart Monitoring System for the Grid Site. II Physics Institute, Georg-August University Goettingen, Germany – 15 min.
4. Kolosov Victor, Korolko Ivan. Supercomputing facility FAIR-Russia at ITEP. ITEP, Moscow – 20 min.


1. Chepigin Alexey. The new digital JINR’s PBX as a basic element for the construction of the corporate communications environment. JINR, Dubna.
2. Gugunashvili Giorgi, Modebadze Zurab, Mirtskhulava Lela.Models of definition of time probabilistic characteristics of data transmission time in wireless channels. Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Georgia.
3. Churin I.N., Dolbilov A.G. Review of computer and network facilities at the Lab of Nuclear Problems of JINR, Dubna.
4. Cheremisina E., Senner A., Kirpicheva E. Possibilities of GRID application in problem-solving tasks of geological and geophysical data processing. “Dubna” university.

Coffee break – 15 min.

Round Table “Computing in High Energy Physics:
Historical Aspects and Perspectives for Further Development”, 16:10 - 18:30

Chairman – Alexey Klimentov

1. Brun Rene. The evolution of HEP software: from mainframes to parallel architectures. CERN, Switzerland – 30 min.
2. Ososkov Gennady. Novel approaches of data-mining in experimental high energy physics. JINR, Dubna – 30 min.
3. Bird Ian. Evolution of e-Infrastructures for Science. CERN, Switzerland – 30 min.

Friday, September 13, 9:45 - 12:00

LHC Computing. Computing for LHC Upgrade and Supercomputing

Chairman – Rene Brun

1. Lokajicek Milos. Tier 2 center in Prague. Institute of Physics, AS Czech Republic – 15 min.
2. Hristov Peter. The future of ALICE computing. CERN, Switzerland – 30 min.
3. Wissing Christoph. CMS Computing – Experiences and future Challenges. DESY, Germany – 30 min.

Coffee break – 15 min.

Chairman – Peter Hristov

4. Andreeva Julia. Consolidation of the WLCG monitoring. CERN, Switzerland – 30 min.
5. Tikhonenko Elena et al. RDMS CMS Computing. JINR, Dubna – 15 min.

WLCG Tier1 Creation in Russia, 15:00 - 15:40

Chairman – Christoph Wissing

1. Velikhov Vasily. Tier1 for ATLAS/ALICE/LHCb at Kurchatov Institute. RRC KI, Moscow – 20 min.
2. Korenkov Vladimir et al. CMS Tier1 at JINR. JINR, Dubna – 20 min.
Coffee break – 15 min.

GRID Computing at JINR Member States, 15:55 - 17:25

Chairman – Vladimir Korenkov

1. Oganezov Hovhannes. Armenian ATLAS Tier3 site. Alikhanyan National Science Laboratory, Armenia – 15 min.
2. Bondyakov Aleksey. Conception of GRID in Azerbaijan. Institute of Physics of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Azerbaijan – 15 min.
3. Bogatencov Petr, Iliuha Nicolai. Resources and networking support of NGI operation in Moldova. RENAM Association, Moldova – 15 min.
4. Kvatadze R., Modebadze Z.. Research Network in Georgia. Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Georgia – 15 min.
5. Svistunov Sergiy, Pelykh Vladimir, Shadura Oksana. Usage of cloud platform in datacenter in datacenter BITP for resource and energy efficiency. Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine – 15 min.
6. Mossolov V., Yanush S., Yermak Dzmitry. NCPHEP ATLAS/CMS Tier3: status update. NCPHEP, Minsk, Belarus – 15 min.

CLOSING – 17:30

Saturday, September 14, from 10:00

Round Table: Innovative IT Education: Experience and Trends

Chairman – Evgenia Cheremisina

1. Dimitrov Vladimir. Deriving Semantics from WS-BPEL Specifications of Parallel Business Processes on an Example. University of Sofia, Bulgaria – 15 min.
2. Sakharov Yuri. The Problem of Professional Education Reforming in Russia through the Focus of New Education Law. “Dubna” university, Russian Federation – 30 min.
3. Panebratcev Yury. Development of Modern Educational Programs JINR, Dubna – 30 min.
4. Belov Mikhail. Deploying virtual IT-infrastructure to support the execution of educational and research tasks with the use of Amazon Web Services. “Dubna” university, Russian Federation – 30 min.
Coffee break – 15 min.
5. Cheremisina E.N., Kreider O.A. The space of the new entity in today's information society. “Dubna” university, Russian Federation – 15 min.
6. Tokareva N.A., Tyatyushkina O.Yu. Intelligent Technologies in Education. Experience and Prospects of Application at Dubna International University. “Dubna” university, Russian Federation – 15 min.
7. Tokareva N.A., Tyatyushkina O.Yu., Cheremisina Ye.N. Practice of Targeted Training at Dubna International University. “Dubna” university, Russian Federation – 15 min.
8. Presentaions of Bulgarian teachers – 30 min.

Poster reports will be presented by the authors during coffee breaks of the corresponding sessions
JINR, Joliot-Curie 6, 141980 Dubna,
Moscow region, Russia